The Saga of Bridget and Amanda, Author Carole Love Forbes
THE SAGA OF Bridget and Amanda
A New Nation

Through hard labor, battles, intrigues, and above all faith, the citizens of the New World faced a new and daunting world. Bridget’s family in the northern colonies, and Amanda’s family in the southern colonies suffer through the presence of British soldiers and ever growing taxes. Melinda (Lindy) Brent marries Margaret Brent’s brother, Fulke Brent, who raises horses They have a son and twin daughters whose stories and families bring many exciting stories forth. Rachel and Tepho have one daughter and two sons who are reared in Indian Territory. Back in Boston, they continue to be in the shipping business.  Families and events finally bring us up to the beginnings of the Revolutionary War and it’s events. There are many real historical heroines whose adventures and brave activities, help to build a new nation.

“The Saga Of Bridget and Amanda” - Book 1



“Throughout this captivating novel, Carole Love Forbes provides real-life historical characters, such as the controversial spiritual adviser Anna Hutchinson, and relevant historical facts, from the puritans’ religious austerity to their tense relations with Native Americans. Overall, she allows readers to get lost in the story while also learning a bit of America’s past. A gripping tale of loss and hope that will particularly appeal to champions of women's rights.”



“The Saga of Bridget and Amanda” - Book 2



“Historical fiction about influential young women fighting personal and political battles in the volatile era of Colonial America. In the second installment of her series, Forbes once again tells three distinct but interconnected stories. Forbes provides hefty historical information without rendering the storytelling didactic or dry. The tantalizing ending will leave readers expecting and likely hoping, for a third volume of the series. An engrossing tale of courage and perseverance that will appeal to history buffs and champions of women's’ rights.”



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