The Saga of Bridget and Amanda, The New World, Carole Love Forbes

THE SAGA OF Bridget and Amanda

The New World

ISBN: 13: 9781542995856

Two innocent young women, Bridget Wodehouse and Amanda McNeely, from London find themselves on a ship to the New World. As if this wasn’t horrible enough, when they reach the colony of Jamestown they are pulled apart, Bridget being sold to into an unloving marriage to a stern pilgrim, and Amanda sold into slavery instead of indenture by a monster.

An Indian attack eventually kills the monster, and Amanda and her tiny daughter are set free only to become a servant in a wealthy home. Bridget survives the unloving life she and her young daughter, Rachel, and goes forth to a new life. Their courage and fortitude carry them forward, where their lives are woven into the lives of true historical women.