The Saga of Bridget and Amanda, A New Nation, Carole Love Forbes

THE SAGA OF Bridget and Amanda

A New Nation

ISBN 13: 978-1522727958

Charles Town/Baltimore Town, 1725

Faith finally accepted Charles Town as her permanent residence. When Peter had first brought her here to become his wife, she had sworn she would never call it ‘home’. As she thought about it now she realized that she had grown to like this thriving seaport colony.

Currently the northernmost part of the colony was working toward becoming its own city. They had worked hard to fulfill all of the requirements and were to become ‘Stoneham’ in December.

Charles Town’s biggest problem was keeping the wharves, which everyone called ‘the bay’, repaired. There were storms and hurricanes every year. It was also hard to keep the bay in good repair due to the needs of many people who claimed ownership of lots on the bay.