The Saga of Bridget and Amanda



Carole Love Forbes has finished four historical novels about one of her favorite subjects, women. She started these books when she took a course in the history of women at Antelope Valley Community College in Lancaster, California. Her career as an actress has given her a feeling for people, what they experience, and how they react . She did quite a bit of research while in Lancaster. Her life as a woman gave her an insight into the problems being female present. In this age of successful women,the fight for equality is no easier, and our successes cloud the fact that we are still struggling to climb up the ladder of success. Now, twenty years later, Carole has completed the many stories of the trials of women in early America. Carole found the very special women who, in spite of the challenges, made their mark on the New World, and woven her fictional characters into their lives. Carole invites you to share the lives of these brave women.