Reader’s Reviews


Patricia Rezak, Concord, CA

“Your writing is very descriptive and makes the story come alive. Great job!!!!”


Shanti Adams, Fresno, CA

“I’ve finished your almost finished book and I feel like I’ve been left hanging. I am curious to find out how it ends. I feel like I know all the women intimately. It’s good, Carole.”


Celia Bourez, Fresno, CA

“I was up half the night reading your novel. I just couldn’t put the book down. I am anxious to read Book Two.”


Ron Russell,

Book One: “I have been reading Carole’s book and am totally impressed with her literary style and use of vivid imagery, which actually implants my being right along side her characters in the story line. I feel that I am right there, as a background character watching each episode unfold, wanting to interject my personal actions in order to eliminate the grievous injustices being perpetrated upon the characters. I actually become emotional and get really upset. Great writing!”


Book Two:

“I really enjoyed the book and the manner in which you casually transitioned each continuing segment into this volume. I soon got into the flow and was able to follow the action and movement from old to new. I also really like the way you are able to keep the reader’s attention by dragging the reader’s emotions into the action going on at the time. In the first chapter, the love making portion was very arousing. I had to read it three times, just to be clear that I got the complete picture. 

When Amanda died, I wept real tears. When there was suspense, I was sitting on the edge of my chair, bouncing one knee. There was always something new just around the corner, and the reader knows that more suspense and uncertainty is on the way. Nicely done.”


Dr. Jeanette Rylander, Fresno CA -  V.A.

“You truly are a talented author and The Saga of Bridget and Amanda is so intriguing with excellent plot and character development, making me more appreciative of what our forebears went through in their exploration of the New World and the establishment of the civilization that we benefit from today.”